Narroway Studio – one special kitchen in Hackney, London.

Recently we had a chance to do a wonderful collaboration with Narroway Studio in London. Narroway Studio is a creative food space and daylight photography studio in the heart of Hackney. It is a collaboration project between photographer Issy Croker, stylist, and art director Emily Ezekiel & food writer and stylist Anna Jones, who have been working in food and the visual arts for over a decade.

They were in the midst of renovating the studio and we were trusted to provide them with ceramic worktops which we cut and installed. Emily, Issy, and Anna decided they want to use 20 mm Ceramic worktop called Dekton Lunar, which is produced by Cosentino.

Dekton Lunar, while absolutely beautiful worktop material, is in the upper price class. This is the reason we don’t keep it in stock and it usually takes 10-12 weeks to deliver. If you are price and time sensitive then we’ll be able to recommend different alternatives that have a very similar look.