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Diapol news, Autumn 2016

Diapol Granite Ltd announces that we are now an exclusive partner of Cosentino, the world’s largest stone manufacturer. This gives you access to the latest and unique Silestone quartzes and Dekton ceramics, having the opportunity to choose from almost a hundred different materials. Beautiful, extraordinary and durable kitchen worktops must comply with all fashion and design requirements, which constitute the main criteria when making the best choice.

Over the last three years, we have made remarkable investments in production automation and quality management systems. Our contribution in quality management has significantly improved our security of supply and delivery speed. By August 2016, we achieved the highest possible quality level. In order to obtain maximum security of supply and the highest possible quality, at the beginning of 2016, we invested in Volvo long distance trucks, which we are using to deliver the products to our Scandinavian customers. This is the only way of being fully responsible for the goods reaching their destination without suffering any defects.

In order to ensure the smooth production and high-quality finish of Dekton ceramic worktops, we acquired a special Idroline Waterjet Cutter. We provided our specialists with training in Cosentino factory in Spain and performed long-term tests with different tools, finally reaching the desired result by learning the perfect processing of Dekton as a beautiful, yet demanding material.

Via Diapol, you have the chance to order Silestone Integrity sinks made from unique stone. During the training process in Cosentino factory, our specialists developed the skills to cut Silestone slates and Integrity sinks in a way that allows us to join them together without leaving any visible marks.