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Granite worktops are highly appreciated for their unique natural colour, structure and pattern. Granite is a natural stone formed between 3 billion and 750 million years ago, after molten magma cooled in the earth's crust.  We have chosen the best varieties of granite from quarries all over the world in order to offer you an extensive range of products to choose from.

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Quartz is an industrial composite material. Its composition is 93% natural milled rock and 7% binders and colouring agents. Quartz is appreciated for its wide range of solid colours. Quartz countertops are perfect for kitchens as well as bathrooms.

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Ceramic materials are industrial materials that contain natural components, such as sand, feldspar, clay and natural pigments. Ceramic countertops are especially scratchproof, heat-resistant and do not absorb liquids. These thin materials are highly regarded among interior designers and are a popular choice for modern kitchens.

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Marble is a natural stone with unique colours and patterns. Because it is highly porous and easily absorbs liquids, it is not recommended to use it in kitchens, but it is a great choice for bathroom vanity tops. Marble is perfect for designing unique countertops as it features a beautiful range of natural colours and shades.

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