Frequently Asked Questions

Should I prefer granite, quartz or ceramic worktops?

These three materials are the best choices for kitchen worktops when considering their hardness as well as their resistance to scratches, stains and hot objects. In comparison to worktops made from laminate, wood, stainless steel, glass, or acrylic, worktops made from granite, quartz or ceramics have superior practicality. Nonetheless, granite, quartz and ceramic worktops differ from each other. If you prefer a totally natural material, then choose a granite worktop. If you prefer an ultra pure color such as white, then choose a quartz worktop. If you prefer a very thin and highly durable surface, then choose a ceramic worktop. Due to these three materials being the most suitable for kitchen worktops, we accordingly recommend that you choose the one that looks best in your kitchen.

Please find below a comparative table of the qualities of granite, quartz and ceramics:

Dark graniteLight graniteQuartzCeramicsMarble
Hardness Mohs scale77784-6
Stain ResistanceVery goodGoodVery goodVery goodLow-good
Scratch ResistanceVery goodVery goodVery goodExcellentLow
Heat ResistanceVery goodVery goodGoodExcellentGood
Sealing (impregnation) requirednoneyesnonenoneyes
Porosity %0-0,20,2-0,50,010,010,03-0,05


Pros and cons for granite, quartz and ceramic worktops:

Granite worktops

  • + Dark colors do not stain easily
  • + Hardness
  • + You can place hot pans on the surface
  • + Easy to clean
  • + 100% natural
  • + High aesthetic value
  • + Does not scratch under normal use
  • – Light colors absorb water

Quartz worktops

  • + Does not stain
  • + Available in pure white as well as a variety of synthetic colors
  • + Non-porous
  • + Whilst standard thickness is 30mm, 20mm and 12mm thickness is also available
  • + Does not scratch under normal use
  • – Not heat resistant

Ceramic worktops

  • + Does not stain
  • + Heat resistant
  • + Non-porous
  • + Light-weight

Is marble suitable for kitchen worktops?

Although Carrara marble is often used in kitchens, we do not recommend this material for kitchens. Marble is less durable than granite, quartz or ceramic material. However, it is still very popular for bathroom vanity tops. Many customers prefer it due to its aesthetic qualities.